Roodland is your partner for all residential real estate related services

Roodland is your partner for all residential real estate related services

Roodland is a one-stop solution in the sector of residential real estate. The solutions are not unique but established touching all the phases of a residential real estate transaction starting from land acquisition and ending at the realization of sales income from the home buyers.

The commitment of team Roodland is to serve with excellence, experience, expertise gained through serving some of the most reputed developers, corporate houses, portfolio investors and individual investors in India and abroad. Our strength lies in the supply, demand and discovery of residential buyers through digital platforms.

A combination of local and international expertise helps us offer integrated real estate services.

Using social media, networking as a tool, Roodland has provided exceptional results to partner developers in gathering investors data, investments, joint venture collaborations, top-notch strategic advisory, branding solutions, marketing solutions, lead generation tractions, pre and post-sales consultancy and and much more.

Real estate Investments

Invest in residential properties and get returns with Roodland’s data-driven insights

Are you an investor? Looking to invest in real estate? Residential Real Estate? Want a return in double digits? If your answer is YES, then read out further!

Roodland is a gateway to profitable world of residential real estate investments. With managed risk, liquidity options, data-driven solutions, transparent options, diversification, secure payments, and attractive return opportunities you can start investing with Roodland today.

Investing with Roodland is easy, transparent, and seamless, irrespective of your location. Backed by stringent property screening, advantageous locations, clear specifications, legally checked, financially analysed and personally optimized for desired returns Roodland is ensuring smoother transaction at every step.

Build your Residential Real Estate Portfolio with Roodland
Benefit from our Branding | Marketing | Sales solutions
Increase your Net-worth | Presence | ROI with each project
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NRI Investments

Invest in residential properties and get returns with roodland’s data-driven insights

Untap the potential of Indian residential real estate while still being outside India. Grab the real estate opportunities that generate rental income, Short-term capital gains and Long-term capital gains in India.

Roodland’s legal experts, real estate professional, financial advisors and Chartered accounts keep in purview the FEMA guidelines and the RBI Approvals always check the compliances.

With Roodland’s processes and systems in place you can from a distance verify who is the developer, what are his credentials, details about the property, location, amenities, payment terms, legalities and so on.

Choosing Roodland you choose simple financial transactions, Loanable properties, and a variety of properties to choose from.

Investing with Roodland is hassle-free

Drop-in your query and get a solution within 24 Hours

Get complete residential real estate solutions in your city